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Tuesday’s Encounter In New York- The Hidden Power Of Past Lives with JLF Sullivan

🕵️‍♀️Do you believe in past lives?

“The hidden power of past lives” was the topic of choice during my appearance on “Tuesday’s Encounter In New York” with host Mark Beecher.

During our interview Mark asked about the circumstances surrounding my strange experience with past life regression hypnosis. I explained how a massive hurricane in 2017 set my whole experience into play, and how in the end it was an experience that has engraved itself into my soul.

We also took some time to peek into the books I have written about past lives in ancient and modern times, “Child Of The Universe” and “The Gift Of The Stars.”

Near the end of the program, live viewers were able to ask me questions about my experience and books. I had some great questions that really made me think and feel connected to my audience, overall it was a terrific experience. I encroached you to check out the full interview here:

And also check out more videos on the "Tuesday's Encounter In NY" YouTube channel for other interesting interviews in English and Spanish.


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