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Garden Of Doom 🌳🤯🌳

Jeff Lippman, host of the “Garden of Doom” podcast, welcomed me recently as a guest on his show to discuss my strange experience in past life regression hypnosis and lost ancient knowledge.

The Garden of Doom hosts create episodes that explore “the hidden world beneath; and the world beyond.” Other episodes cover topics of cryptozoology, Theo-mythology, alien encounters, and the lost histories of mankind.

Jeff read my book “Child Of The Universe” and summarized it nicely for his audience:

“JLF Sullivan suffered a series of setbacks while building a life building a family and business. The path to wellness brought her to Past Life Regression Hypnosis Therapy. After numerous sessions, she remembered memories of past lives. One of which was her life as the Princess of Lemuria. She explores that in her book, "Child of the Universe". Sullivan lays out the Lemurians were among the ancient aliens that colonized Earth. How they had a slave race harvesting crystals which remarkable properties in another star system. And how they reformed their society to abandon war, slavery, and created Amun; a land without need. However, their ancient cousins weren't as wise. These descendants of Atlas formed Atlantis and experimented with indigenous hominids and animals alike. They also inbred and found themselves helpless against a plague. Thus, began the reunification process of Atlantis to Amun/Lemuria. But it was not benevolent nor peaceful. This is her first hand account.”

It was an interesting interview, Jeff was also excited to see my books have been translated into Spanish and possibly more languages later this year.

🛸Check out our full interview here



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