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It’s Good To Be Negative: The Mystery of RH Negative Blood

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

It’s Good To Be Negative: The Mystery of RH Negative Blood

In a world focused on a shift toward the positive, today I dare dwell on the negative-

RH Negative blood type to be precise. I often encounter many questions about this rare blood type, such as where it originates from and what it means for its carriers. Having this rare blood type (O-) has always been the dominant driving factor in furthering my understanding. After having two pregnancies where both children were O+ taught me much about how this blood type can affect the life of my unborn children, but it was often dismissed in the medical world as something I could fix with two shots of Rhogam, and nothing more.

Universal Blood

What I have come to understand about my O- blood through some internet perusing is that while O is the oldest blood type we know of, less than 15% of the world's population has RH- blood. My own specific blood type, O- is considered to be a universal blood type, and almost all other blood types will accept it in an emergency transfusion. On the other hand, an O- human will not be able to receive any other type of blood in a transfusion, in the same way, that if it carries a fetus that is not RH- its body will attempt to destroy the fetus. Interestingly enough, researchers have recently found that the O blood types, especially O- have an uncanny ability to lessen your susceptibility to COVID, according to a study published in the “Annals of Internal Medicine.”

This is where the Ancient Astronaut theory of RH- blood comes in and paints a picture of hybridization and genetic intervention by otherworldly beings. And while most will easily disregard this as fluff, I feel it deserves further examination.

Worldly Presence

The RH- negative factor can be found around the world but has high concentrations in Western Europe and the countries that migrated from there over time. Two such groups commonly noted are the Basque people of Spain (who speak an isolated language unrelated to other European languages) and the Irish (Ireland has the largest percentage of RH- in any country). Though not limited to Europe, the Maori are known to be predominantly RH- as well as other notable factions in Ethiopia and the Middle East. And while this may have much to do with migration routes and conquests, I have felt there is something that goes back much further in the understanding of our origins to help see why such a blood type would exist.

In my QHHT past life regression sessions with Practitioner Sarah Breskman Cosme, I have come across a different understanding of this origin, and how this blood type has survived through eons of uncertainty. In session, I felt a strong message emerge that showed a forgotten history, one that saw early settlers from a different planet, the home planet for many of us here. Their mission was to explore new worlds and expand on the evolution of their species. What came across very clearly in my hypnotic trance was that for these early settlers from the stars, we have been a long-term experiment that is part of one unified evolution. You can read all about this in my book “Child Of The Universe,” or even read up on some different theories in these books: Bloodline of the Gods: Unravel the Mystery of the Human Blood Type to Reveal the Aliens Among Us by Nick Redfern and “Rh Negative...What are we?: True Accounts of UFOs, Astral Projection, Murder, & Supernatural Phenomenon” by Stephanie Wolfe.

Common Ground

Oddly enough, there are quite a few commonalities for people who are RH-, some of the most common being: Green/ blue or hazel eyes that tend to change color, reddish tone or undertone to hair, higher IQ, extra vertebrae, sensitivity to sunlight, sensitive vision, lower body temperature, lower pulse, blood pressure, vivid or psychic dreams, empathic abilities, and a pattern of disrupting electrical devices. One bigger factor not many are willing to talk about are memories of abduction or dreams of alien abduction that seem all too real. Many leaders in the political and spiritual arena tend to be RH- as well as other influential celebrities and creators in our current world.

What are your views on the O blood type and the RH factor? What information have you found relevant when it comes to better understanding this peculiarity in our genetics? Share your thoughts on our Facebook group and help show the bigger picture surrounding our origins.


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