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Beauty & Power: The Mysterious Energy Vortexes of Hawai’i


Hawai’i is undoubtably one of the most beautiful places on Earth, but within this raw beauty lies so much more than just the unforgettable aesthetic. In my travels around the island, there are places I have been drawn to, or even just stumbled across, that have held a special kind of energy. I know I am not alone in this feeling, as many who travel to Hawai’i often report the strong healing effect being here has on the body and soul. What is more, the monuments erected at many of these sacred spots by the native Hawi’ians, volcanic rock temples known locally as a “Heiau,” show that the energy flowing in these places of power has been used historically for spiritual renewal and connection to the celestial realm.

Mauna Kea Energy Vortex

Hawai’i is not alone in hosting these special energetic spots, otherwise known as Energy Vortexes. Often found in locations of great importance or natural beauty, energy vortexes are areas where the electromagnetic energy of Earth is said to be heavily concentrated, creating for those who visit them a powerful experience. Around the globe voyagers seeking guidance, clarity, and inspirtation flock to locations such as Califronia’s Mt. Shasta, England’s Stonehenge, Machu Picchu in Peru, and Uluru in Australia to tap into this deeply transformative energy. These sacred sites have beckoned to people for eons with a promise of tapping into a healing energy promoting inner peace and self-discovery.

Some believe that these energy vortexes exist at the crossing points of Ley Lines, embedded lines of natural energy found within our planet's electromagnetic field. This fascinating phenomenon has been the subject of much speculation within the metephsyical realm.The origin of the name Ley Lines goes back to the 1920’s, where amatuer British Archeologist, Alfred Watkins, conceptualized the idea of these invisible lines connecting megalithic and religious sites around the world. While Ley Lines have been recognized by various cultures throughout history, they still remain steeped in mystery. Geologist have remarked on the presence of precious metals or magnetized Volcanic rock at many of these Energy Vortexes,

Punalu’u Vortex at sunset

One reason I have found the subject of Ley Lines and Energy Vortexes so fascinating is the links to the energetic vortex found in my book, “Child Of The Universe '' known as the Chasm. In my past life regression hypnosis sessions that prompted the writing of the book, I was aware of similar energetic powers in the ancient world that were utlized by the first colonizers of Earth to aid in their great experiment of a hybridized species. The “Chasm” was used as a transportation device, allowing these early pioneers to travel to different communities, spreading knowledge and allowing for the experiment to continue in cases of unpredictable devastation. Wanting to learn more, I turned to a book written by a local author on the Big Island, Zach Royer. In his book “Hawai’i Vortex Field Guide” I learned that many of the places of power I felt connected to during my early journeys on the Big Island were considered to be Energy Vortexes. Royer details in his book about the locations of 12 different vortexes spread across the island and their historical and cultural signifigance.

In regards to the mysterious energy, Royer mentions in his book that “Many subtle energy researchers believe the Hawaiian Islands act as the heart chakra of the planet, a place of unconditional love & healing. Hawai'i as a whole is known to be an energetic power spot and so a vortex site here is a place where one can feel the palpable healing energy, or mana, most strongly.”

I truly enjoyed reading this book and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn more or make the journey to the Big island and feel the immense energy and power that this island has to offer. From Royer’s list of 12 vortexes, I have chosen 5 in which I feel the most deeply connected to and have been busy making short videos to share the power of these energetic anomalies with you.

EnergyVortex known as “The Place of Refuge”

My first location is the Kealekekua Vortex, found on the West coast of the Big Island in Kealekekua Bay. Located on the powerful 19.5 line of latitude, a significant crossing point on the energy grid system of Ley Lines, Kealakekua Bay is also the largest deep water bay in Hawai’i.

The name of the bay comes from ke ala ke kua which means in the Hawaiian language "the god's pathway." Setteled more than a thousand years ago, it was on this spot in 1778 that Captain James Cook first made contact with the people of this isolated paradise. Captain Cook was mistaken for the Hawai’ian agricultural God Lono, a tall white being who was prophesied to return to the people in a way similar to how Cook appeared. The interactions between Cook, his crew, and the people of Hawai”i started well but ended bitterly. Cook eventually outstayed his welcome, and when an attempt was made to kidnap the Cheif, Cook was executed. A monument to him is still located here in the Bay, a gift from the British that serves as the end marker of a very popular, very steep, hiking trail.

My own interactions with this magical bay began very early on in my explorations of the Big Island. It was one of those places I just came across by accident, I simply followed a long road to see where it eventually would go. When I got to the end, there before me was a historical sanctuary. My first journey to Kealekekua Bay, the waves were so large we had to cross into the trails in between waves that crashed over the concrete walkway. Dodging the powerful water was worth it. Once we got to a middle point on the crescent shaped shoreline, the loud sound the waves made pounding into the smooth pebbeled shorline was exquisite. The heavy water dragged itself back down the steep shoreline and as it pulled the rocks, a powerful vibration echoed through the bay and vibrated through my body. It felt very cleansing and peaceful to experience this kind of natural phenomenon. The energy made us all want to sit and face the ocean and absorb the sound waves. Even my 1 year old sat still on the rocky shoreline, transfixed by the power of sound.

Since Kealekekua Bay Vortex is the first energy vortex I came across in Hawai’i, it is the first video I have made to share with you the beauty and wonder of one of Earth's most energetic spots.

Over the next few weeks I will be journeying to my four other favorite energy vortex locations on the Big Island- Kilauea Volcano Vortex, Mauna Kea Vortex, Punalu’u Vortex and Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau Vortex. Keep an eye out for those posts in the near future!


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