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Perspective Changing Summer Reading List

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

By JLF Sullivan

I believe that Summer is synonymous with a perspective change. It is the season when we all agree to take time off from who we are in our daily grind and take on a different, preferably more relaxed persona. We try to enjoy more, be healthier, and energize ourselves in nature. For many of us, a good book is the icing on the cake to this perspective-changing time in our lives. We find new characters to relate to and new concepts to broaden our understanding. With this in mind, I have listed 6 books that I have read and believe might be useful to those who are actively seeking a perspective change. The books are not listed in any specific order, perhaps see what calls to you and start there.

  1. The Seven Day Mental Diet by Emmet Fox

This was the first book that crossed my path when I moved to Hawaii. It was perfect timing! I was eager to let go of the things that I felt held me down. I would highly recommend this short read to anyone who is looking to truly find a way to remove the repetition of negative thinking from their life in just a week's time. Emmet Fox, the author of the book, was way ahead of his time and published this material in 1935. Luckily many have worked diligently through the years to keep the Emmet Fox work available to the public, there is a free PDF of the book available here.

You must train yourself to choose the subject of your thinking at any given time, and also to choose the emotional tone, or what we call the mood that colors it. Yes, you can choose your moods. Indeed, if you could not you would have no real control over your life at all. Moods habitually entertained produce the characteristic disposition of the person concerned, and it is his disposition that finally makes or mars a person's happiness. You cannot be healthy; you cannot be happy; you cannot be prosperous; if you have a bad disposition. If you are sulky, or surly, or cynical, or depressed, or superior, or frightened half out of your wits, your life cannot possibly be worth living. Unless you are determined to cultivate a good disposition, you may as well give up all hope of getting anything worthwhile out of life, and it is kinder to tell you very plainly that this is the case.

2. The Secrets and Mysteries of Hawaii by Pila of Hawaii

Last summer I traveled around the Big Island searching for a perfect place to build a home. I stayed at an off-grid Air BnB up Mauna Loa Volcano. My family and I stayed there for a week and got our first taste of true off-grid living. One of the best parts of this rental was the never-ending bookshelves lining the walls. The first book to catch my eye was Pila of Hawaii’s magical book about his journey to the Big Island and the ancient legends and power he encounters. This was a terrific book to read while getting to know the Big Island. Pila also writes of connections to Lemruia and the “Rainbow Children” who I have been writing about in my new book, a sequel to “Child Of The Universe.”

“Hawaii -- a place all the world knows as paradise and one of the most remote places on earth -- may hold a clue for all humanity during our very defining moment in history. Pila explains why Hawaii is the crossroads of all our mysteries. The Hawaiian people, their legends and culture, even the location of the islands themselves hold a key that could unlock a giant door and reveal the path to our future. Pila of Hawaii will take you on a journey through time and captivate your soul with the life-transforming power that the islands' sacred sites, folklore and myths bring to those who are willing to seek it. Whether you are planning a trip to this tropical paradise or searching for greater insights into your own spirit, this book will open you to a world of exquisite beauty and power.”

3. The Kybalion by Three Initiatives

It was only recently that I read The Kybalion, I had never heard of it until my friend QHHT practitioner Martin Rivera suggested I read it. In some of my earlier hypnosis sessions, I had come across an entity called "3" and Rivera believed reading this book might help me understand some deeper connections. Rivera has some expertise on the Kybalion's philosophy and teaches a course on the seven Hermetic principles detailed in this mysterious work. The Kybalion is considered to be the most popular occult work of the twentieth century, and the famous phrase “as above, so below” originated within this cryptic, perspective-changing book.

The purpose of this work is not the enunciation of any special philosophy or doctrine, but rather is to give to the students a statement of the Truth that will serve to reconcile the many bits of occult knowledge that they may have acquired, but which are apparently opposed to each other and which often serve to discourage and disgust the beginner in the study. Our intent is not to erect a new Temple of Knowledge, but rather to place in the hands of the student a Master-Key with which he may open the many inner doors in the Temple of Mystery through the main portals he has already entered."

4. You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

Usually, I try not to judge a book by its cover. When I first saw Louise Hay’s book on the shelf in the library, I thought it was going to be filled with some fluffy, feel-goodery that was not really my thing. I put the book back on the shelf, but then 10 minutes later found myself walking back to it. I decided to give “You Can Heal Your Life” a chance and checked it out from my local library. It took me a few chapters to get into it, but by the time I was done, I felt a deep connection with the writer. Louise Hay’s life and words are very inspirational and transformative. Behind the late 90s cover was a book of tremendous perspective change I highly recommend.

"Life Is Really Very Simple. What We Give Out, We Get Back What we think about ourselves becomes the truth for us. I believe that everyone, myself included, is responsible for everything in our lives, the best and the worst. Every thought we think is creating our future. Each one of us creates our experiences by our thoughts and our feelings. The thoughts we think and the words we speak create our experiences."

5. The Nature of Personal Reality by Jane Roberts/ Seth

A question I get a lot from my readers is if I had ever come across the “Seth Speaks” works done in the mid 1970s by a couple living in upstate New York. As I researched Robert’s work, I saw many parallels to my own experience in hypnosis. Of the many books Roberts published over the years, this one seems to have the greatest ability for perspective change in one's life. The entity Seth speaks through Roberts and guides the reader into understanding how their body continually re-creates itself in line with conscious suggestion and also gives specific exercises to aid in transforming your personal reality.

“We are Gods couched in creaturehood. We are given the ability to form our experience as our thoughts and feelings become actualized.... Trust the miracle of your own being. Make no divisions between the physical and the spiritual in your lifetimes, for the spiritual speaks with a physical voice, and the corporeal body is the creation of the spirit.”

6. A Hypnotist’s Journey to the Secrets of the Sphinx by Sarah Breskman Cosme

This is the second book by QHHT Practitioner Sarah Breskman Cosme, which serves as a continuation of her first book “A Hypnotist’s Journey To Atlantis.” Breskman Cosme profiles another past life of mine from our sessions, a woman named Christie who lived a tumultuous short life in 1970s NYC. Other clients past lives are also profiled to give a better understanding of the connections and mysteries that surround the Sphinx and Mars colonization. Remembering these past life memories in session with Sarah was definitely perspective-changing for me, and I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in past life regression or extra-terrestrial hybridization theories.

“Her hands were strapped down at her sides so she couldn’t fight, but she had no more fight left inside her. It was the 1970’s, here in America, and Christie was about to endure one of many electric shock treatments the doctors hoped would “cure” this young woman of her strange fantasies involving extra-terrestrial life and worlds long lost and forgotten. Fast forward to present day, and Christie has finally found her voice, surfacing through past-life regression hypnosis to tell these truths, and reveal the secrets of the ancient Sphinx. Included in this book are fascinating accounts of life on Mars and how this colonization came to a tragic end. Also included are accounts of other clients, who have never met, sharing similar stories about the Sphinx and its role in the upcoming Ascension.”


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