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Can Past Lives Pull You To New Places?

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Can Past Lives Pull You To New Places?

By JLF Sullivan

I have felt something changing in the past four months, something that I am not entirely sure of, but I know I am not alone in seeing this transformation happening around me. For many I have crossed paths with there seems to be a pattern of breaking away happening in people’s lives, a shattering in many ways of their old selves. Some feel a pull to live a more authentic life free of ego and competition, others have found their partnerships or careers no longer served them and have embarked on new life paths. I myself have found that the motions I set forth in writing and publishing “Child Of The Universe” have created a shattering in my life of the old and an opening into the new. The Universe has decided it is time for me to move from my home in the Florida Keys and follow a new path to the Island of Hawaii.

Having had such a powerful past life in this region, I couldn't help but wonder if past lives could pull you to new places to live, and if they do, what happens when you get there?

In re-listening to my QHHT sessions with practitioner Sarah Breskman Cosme, I have come to understand that the island I live on in the Florida Keys is somewhat near to the island where I died in that fateful lifetime described in my book. When I think back, I have always lived in close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean...perhaps she was keeping an eye on me. In a month, all that will change when I finally depart and head to my new home waiting for me in the Pacific. I wanted to be prepared for what this new path might bring my way, so I posted this question in the Past Lives and Reincarnation page on Reddit for some mostly anonymous advice:

Soon I will be moving to Hawaii and I can’t help but feel it has a major connection to a past life from there I have recalled doing QHHT. Has anyone else ever felt a pull from a place in a past life and moved there? What happened once you got there?

I received a private message as my first response to the post: “She is calling those who are supposed to come to her, and pushing away those who are not native to her energies.” This response resonated the most with me, but I also received some other interesting stories that I felt compelled to share.

I haven’t moved there yet but same, it is Kauai that feels like home to me. When I went on vacation there I had the most magical experience! I could feel the vibe of the island and everything just fell in to place, like it was meant to be. I’ve been longing to be there ever since. I also had a card reader tell me that I will definitely be moving there and it will be like me moving back home.

Ever since I was very little, I always felt drawn to England. Anything to do with Medieval English specifically, I had to make sure I knew about it, and I held a very oddly specific grudge against Queen Victoria, and informed my mom that her showing up at the end of the Shirley Temple version of The Little Princess ruined it for me.

All this to say, I grew up and ended up marrying an Englishman, and now live in England. It’s unlocked new deep interests of other parts of British history I never thought much of before (Roman-Britain) and I feel deep pulls to parts of the UK I’ve never visited to before, but now need to go. My psychic abilities have grown so much more stronger and I feel very much like my soul is at home here, though I do miss my hometown!

Chile and I felt so much more spiritual pull once I was there. It was an experience, but I very much believe that I used to live in constitución. A lot of very odd things happened there and there are a few places that I had such a pull and connection to. An indescribable feeling, but I knew that I had a deep soul connection to that place

Reading through these messages gave me a new perspective on my upcoming journey. I also received this answer, which really got me wondering how I would feel once I found myself back in this land from lifetimes ago. And also, how might others from that lifetime feel about this or be affected?

There is some remembering when you go to place from your past life, your akash give you information chill about it. Hawaii is special about it many have had there first good lifes there. Some people who died when they go by that same place, they might feel negative thing about it, so they might not do it again.

In searching for more, I came across Familiar Places: Reflections on Past Lives Around the World in which Past Life Regression expert Dr. Shelley Kaehr shares details of her journeys to Peru, Egypt, India, Nepal & Russia. In her book Dr. Kaehr asserts that the soul is drawn back to familiar places and challenges readers to recall their own past lives as they travel the road of life. I truly wish there were more books or literature such as this, but I came up empty in finding more. Have a good recommendation? Message me on FB or IG and share the love.

The other day an old friend passed into my life for a brief moment and expressed great excitement when I told her I was moving to this new place. With a beaming smile she shared with me that after her husband died on 9/11 and left her with three small children to raise, she stayed in a bad place until a chance trip to Hawaii helped her begin her life again. My friend said she felt something very powerful there, a healing force that helped the entire family, and they returned with an inner peace they had been without for so long. The joy that radiated out of her as she continued to describe her journey really made me want to start packing.

Similarly, a blog called wrote an interesting post about spiritual and transformative experiences on the Big Island of Hawaii:

“Hawaii is one of those places where everything just feels different. Maybe it’s the island lifestyle that’s extra relaxing, perhaps it’s the presence of the Hawaiian goddess Pele, the great creatress and deity of fire and volcanoes. Some feel that the Earth’s heart chakra resides in Hawaii. Regardless of what each person chooses to call it or how we experience it, the Big Island of Hawaii is a special, life-changing place.”

As we face major crossroads in this lifetime, we can only go forward, follow our instincts and hope they lead us to the places we are supposed to be. Inside of me I feel an electricity course through when I think of this upcoming voyage and what might lay ahead for myself and my family. There is so much I want to encounter and experience in this new place, and even more that I want for my children during these ever changing times. When I think of the future, I feel at each turn I will be looking for traces of Lymuria, even though I know she is gone. But at the very least I know I will be able to put my feet in the water and feel the sand and know th

at I have made my way back to something the Universe never wanted me to forget.

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