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Child Of The Universe

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“Child of the Universe'' tells the apocalyptic tale of Atlantis and Lymuria, two prehistoric civilizations erased from the memory of mankind. Derived from a past life regression hypnosis experience, JLF Sullivan recounts in her debut novel the tumultuous lifetime of Kala, Queen of an ancient civilization lost forever under a cataclysmic wave. In the chaos of her people’s demise, Kala is abducted and taken to the island of Atlantis and experimented on for decades in search of an ancient power inherited from her otherworldly ancestors. 

The Gift Of The Stars

The journey from Atlantis continues with "The Gift Of The Stars," and explores the past life of Christie, a young woman in 1970's NYC who begins to remember her past life as Queen Kala of Amun. Christie is institutionalized when she tries to explain to others what she has uncovered. Through the course of shock treatments at a psychiatric hospital, she is able to connect back with the ancient force of her ancestors and with that of the Red Crystal. 


HIja del universo

“Hija del Universo” cuenta la historia apocalíptica de Atlantis y Lymuria, dos antiguas civilizaciones borradas de la memoria de la humanidad.

Derivado de una experiencia de hipnosis de regresión a vidas pasadas, JLF Sullivan relata en su primera novela la tumultuosa vida de Kala, reina de un imperio matriarcal perdido para siempre bajo una ola catastrófica. En el caos de la desaparición de su pueblo, Kala es llevada prisionera a la isla de Atlantis, donde se experimenta durante décadas en busca de un poder heredado de sus antepasados ​​​​de otro mundo.

El Regalo De Las Estrellas

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Companion Book:

A Hypnotist's Journey To Atlantis

By Sarah Breskman Cosme

A Hypnotist’s Journey to Atlantis is more than just a journey back in time to a lost civilization; it is a journey back in time for the soul.Some call it a divine power, while others call it fate, but what happened when two friends unknowingly ventured into the world of past life regression hypnosis can only be described as destiny…  

Companion Book:

A Hypnotist's Journey To The Secrets Of The Sphinx

By Sarah Breskman Cosme

Her hands were strapped down at her sides so she couldn’t fight, but she had no more fight left inside her. It was the 1970’s, here in America, and Christie was about to endure one of many electric shock treatments the doctors hoped would “cure” this young woman of her strange fantasies involving extraterrestrial life and worlds long lost and forgotten. Fast forward to present day, and Christie has finally found her voice, surfacing through past-life regression hypnosis to tell these truths, and reveal the secrets of the ancient Sphinx

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Libro Complementario:

Viaje De Un Hipnoterepeuta a la Atlantis

By Sarah Breskman Cosme

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