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Join date: Mar 16, 2021


I'm currently lving in Scotland, by myself in a one bedroom apartment. Hoping to move to NW California one day, as i seem to have a pull towards Mt Shasta for some reason.

Ever since i can remember i have always struggled to 'fit in' here, on Earth. Whilst i have a very resiliant nature, i could never really understand 'humans' or 'human nature', how to properly interact with them, words they use, how they react to different situations, stimuli. I guess i still do, as i'm on the autistic spectrum (mild aspbergers). And so growing up i was always quiet, watching and learning how to be human. I thought differently from others, and only had a few friends. I never knew what i wanted to do either, as in a career. I always just wanted to have fun and never to grow up, as that meant work and no play. A bit like Peter Pan. And you know what, i still wanna have fun lol. And trying to explain things to people i aslo find very hard.

I only hope to find out why i'm here, my contractual mission. It's very hard at times being by myself, but i guess this is what i asked for haha.

Well, thanks for reading this.




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