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Understanding Starseeds In Changing Times

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

What are Starseeds? I wasn’t too sure myself. I had never heard of the term until I started doing QHHT Hypnosis in 2018. In my past life regressions, I recalled a lifetime as an early visitor to Earth in its infancy and my interactions with early humans. Wanting to know more about this message of “seeding from the stars'' I turned to the internet. Everything I looked up on Google and Pinterest seemed vague or was disappointingly looking to sell me some kind of Starseed Oracle set. A few websites explained to me that there are different types of Starseeds, Plieadian, Lyran, Arcturian, Sirian, Orion, and Andromedans, to name a few and then there's also the Crystal, Rainbow, and Indigo children that in many circles claim to be part of this broader picture of Starseeds.

Some readers of my book “Child Of The Universe” have written to me about their Starseed heritage, and interestingly enough I have noticed two things in common 1. They also recount a past lifetime on Mars and 2. They have a recent compulsion to move to the mountains. This left me with only more questions and less answers.

So, I turned to Reddit and posted an open question on the Starseed board:

I have a limited understanding of what a Starseed is through my sessions of QHHT past life regression hypnosis. I have seen my past life as a traveler to early Earth, and I know it has connections to my current life. Could you please share with me what you feel being a Starseed means to you? ✨🙂✨

This was my favorite answer. I related on so many points:

I'm a creative genius with an extreme amount of potential compared to my peers. I have enough talent to become successful as a musician, a comedian, and a novelist. If I can develop the discipline in this lifetime, I believe I will be well off in all three. I am very empathetic and intuitive by nature and I can read a person's emotions and character at a quick glance. I am extremely quick to detect evil people, and just as easily pick up on those who have loving spirits like I do. If you treat me on a simple basis of unconditional love and respect, even as a stranger, I will be friendly with you and we will have a good time. When I meet other people like me we have an immediate connection and can talk endlessly for hours and hours. But I also have a very weird demeanor and am often misunderstood. Most people who don't come from a good place of heart tend to think I'm stupid. But I just have a very different way of viewing the world and am very hesitant to talk about myself as I base my life around my art but I don't like to talk about it and come across as pretentious. Sometimes it feels like a subconscious control mechanism, where the negative people in my life weed themselves out because they can't handle how shamelessly strange I am. And the people who believe in loving all people for simply being get to know me a little better and realize how smart I am. I have suffered much in this life for who I am, but I wouldn't trade my life for the world. If you're kinda newly awakened, my advice is to get off tap water and get yourself a moldavite necklace. Makes life more bearable for starseeds.

Recently I stumbled (there are no coincidences) across a Dolores Cannon video on Amazon, it’s called Transformation: An Audience with Dolores Cannon, and I highly suggest you watch it (it’s free if you have a subscription). During this informative talk, Dolores talks about the 3 Waves of Volunteers and how in their work, they are freeing the Earth up to transcend to something better. This gave me a better understanding of the lifetime I had before this current one where I regressed being a young woman in NYC who ended her life after being lobotomized for trying to express these newfound ideas and concepts about our ancient origins. In the video, Dolores also said that the point of our current changes will be to “get rid of the junk” to clear out the old so new can come into its place(within the body and beyond). When I consider my previous existence, I can see why there would be a need for this overhaul in our current reality.

In my sessions with QHHT Practitioner Sarah Breskman Cosme, it has always come across strongly that when we as a species finally realize our eternal affinity to each other we will ascend to a more evolved being. Starseeds seem to help in their own special and unique ways to awaken our collective consciousness and aid in this process. What also has come across strongly, is that I think Starseeds are here to help humanity stop living a lie. When I look around, I see most people are unhappy and repressing who they truly are so that they can project the image outwards of what they want others to see and think about them. When we are lost in this, we cannot see our true potential and Starseeds seemed to be set to help facilitate.

Perhaps recognizing your Starseed roots will help lose this illusion and allow us to recognize our true selves as eternal beings and move past this

What do you think about Starseeds? Help create a broader understanding for others by sharing your findings on our ”Hypnotist’s Journey To Atlantis/ Child Of The Universe” Facebook Group.


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