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There Are No Coincidences: A Journey Into Past Lives

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

In 2017 my entire life came crashing down on me like a rogue wave. My family and I fled Hurricane Irma, only to return and find our home and businesses destroyed by the devastating Category 4 storm. For over a year we had no choice but to raise our children on our front lawn, surrounded by mountains of toxic debris, as we waited for the help our government and insurance companies promised us through lying teeth. With no other options, we began to sort through the toxic remains to see what of our life could be salvaged and rebuilt. It felt like we had been abandoned and left to rot in the festering remains of the life we had worked so hard for.

A few months into our ordeal, I woke up one morning to find the vision in my right eye was nearly gone. It looked like a large crescent shape was burned into my sight. My doctors informed me I had developed a condition called Pseudotumor Cerebri, and my loss of sight was due to pressure on my brain from an excess of cerebrospinal fluid. I was told the condition mimics a brain tumor and could lead to permanent blindness and stroke. Doctors are still not sure what causes this condition, but I believe my toxic exposure during the hurricane’s aftermath was an instigating factor. For months I tried many medications and invasive procedures to reduce the swelling around my brain. After several failed attempts to control my vision loss using the best care my insurance was willing to pay for, I was offered to try a different approach.

In the fall of 2018, I first tried a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session with Practitioner Sarah Breskman Cosme. We had known each other through our children and had a friendly relationship, so when Sarah offered the QHHT session I was trusting in her guidance. I had never heard of QHHT, but I had always been intrigued by the subject of past life regression. I had not understood up until that point, that hypnotic regression could be used to treat physical ailments in one's life. I was open minded and willing to try this unorthodox approach. I needed to find something that would help, as I feared how my worsening condition would affect my young children as well as the ability to rebuild my home and business.

In the aftermath of my first QHHT session, I felt an immense relief of pressure from behind my eyes and felt a wave of stress lifted from my body. Within a few months, my eyesight returned and I began in many ways to see myself clearly for the first time. Now that the door to my mind had been opened, I wanted to know more. Over the next two years, Sarah guided me on numerous QHHT sessions, each bringing new light and understanding to a life I believe I lived on Earth before documented history. While I am usually a very private person, the past life we discovered is one that I am compelled to share, as I believe the process of uncovering it has as much healing power in it for others as it did for me.

Every day I am grateful for this experience I have had, and am now even thankful for the rogue wave that crashed into my life. Without it, I would have been stuck in a destiny not meant for me. I have found my true self through this process, as well as what may possibly be an alternative understanding of our origin on this planet. The book that I have written, “Child Of The Universe” is based on my past life regressions with Hypnotist Sarah Breskman Cosme, and the transcripts of our recorded sessions from 2018-2020.


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