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Releasing Atlantis: Join the Past Lives Forum

Releasing Atlantis

The strangest thing has been happening lately. From all over the world, readers of “Child Of The Universe'' and "A Hypnotist's Journey To Atlantis" are writing to me about their memories of past lives in Atlantis and Lymuria. So many are looking for confirmation, looking to connect, looking to release the trauma of Atlantis once and for all.

So I had an idea...what if there was a way we could connect and attempt to make sense of this larger picture emerging? And, in understanding our past, can we reshape the future, together? With this goal in mind I have created the Past Lives Forum on Atlantis and Amun.

I invite those who feel comfortable sharing their recalled experience from that lifetime to post what they can remember, and encourage those looking for answers and clarity to read through the posts to maybe find a glimpse of yourself waving at you from the past.

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